Blocks vs Language

Is there any way to have independence…blocks position and content for each language?

It would be very usefull for me :slight_smile:

I would like to know that too.

My thought - and correct me if I’m wrong.

You are trying to mix two different modes of customization. Language is a content issue, blocks are a style/layout issue.

When you create a new description or item, by default it is assigned to all open languages.

For example, if I am in English on the backend, but I also have Greek - well the same text get copied to all languages.

Now, if I go in to edit the Greek - and say, I remove the contents? My thought is that if a person views the page in English, the content is there, but if they switch to Greek, they see nothing.

The question is - are products/banners language granular? i.e. if you can say a banner is in English and the Greek version is blank… and the banner is the only banner assigned to a block - does the block disappear when you switch to Greek view? Logically it should because the only banner available has no text, therefore the block should not appear.

I believe the tabs function this way - I haven’t tested it because frankly, we don’t have a lot of descriptions converted to Greek and I’d rather not have those customer see nothing - in this case English is better than nothing.

I don’t know if banners have the same language specification by default. For example, if you are viewing the admin console in Greek and create a banner text, does it automatically get signed onto the greek front-end? Or are banners not yet granular in the area of specific language?

I guess my point is that you should not be choosing which blocks appear for which language - you should be choosing what entries have content for which language and then allow the block to appear or disappear based on the availability of the content. i.e. a block with no content to display disappears, even if it is active.