Blocks Page In Admin Missing

Hi…I had a similar problem a few years ago and still using the same 2.0.15 version. Don’t recall exactly how it worked itself out last time so it’s as if this is again all new to me :(

Yesterday I added a new block of html coding for a social media bar to all pages, along with a tiny bit of code between the tags, and last night all was working well. I also moved a few blocks around so everything would be in the central part of the page. Again as I said all was working.

Today, the social media bar is working just fine, but the blocks page in admin is blank and the front end search comes up with half a page and no results.

Can someone please help…please please please!!

Additional examination is required. If you are ready to provide us with the temporary FTP access, please PM me.

We have fixed the issue on your server. It looks like your store was hacked. Each directory with templates contains php file with encrypted code. Please change all your passwords and address this information to CS-Cart helpdesk system.

I can’t even begin to thank you for your kindness. I didn’t know what to do and my host who is extremely knowledgeable was going in circles as well.

Thank you thank you thank you…and thank you again :)

You are welcome!