Blocks Lost/missing In Layout From Default & Homepage Of Energotheme


Today I have observed that all the Header & Footer blocks are missing from Default & Homepage of our theme {Vivashop Energotheme}. Website is displaying only products nothing else.

Attached is the screenshot of Design → Layout → Blocks of Default & Homepage.

[attachment=8401:SP32-20140911-004214.png] [attachment=8402:SP32-20140911-004650.png]

Website Link:

Demo Theme: [url=“VIVAshop Ultimate - The #1 selling theme for CS-Cart”][/url]

We have got our hosting server scanned for any file modification in files but didn't find anything out from there. Even we have tried restoring entire website [except Images & var folder] but this also didn't solve the issue.

RCA done from our side.

  1. We have not given any FTP access to anyone.
  2. Server scanned for modification in files. No such files found.
  3. Admin Credentials not shared with anyone.
  4. Nothing found in logs about removing blocks.

    Please help us retaining our website back and if someone can do RCA on this issue.



Do you have a backup of the layout?

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Do you have a backup of the layout?


I have already restored the data of last 2-3 days but problem is still the same. I dont know what has happened? Was there a hack attempt on my store?

fleaffair, it looks like the Homepage is defined as default location now. To fix it, go to the Design → Layouts page, click on the gear icon near the Default tab title and enable the Default setting

looks like your tab names have been switched around, chnage the names back

eComLab, thanks a lot. You guys are god of CS-Cart. Lucky to have you here on the forum.

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eComLab, thanks a lot. You guys are god of CS-Cart. Lucky to have you here on the forum.


You are welcome and thank you for the kind words!

Hi Team,

CAn you please help me in admin panel checkout layout block is showing but in frontend it’s showing please help me.

Please help me my website is


Adding something to original message and great easy solution from eComLabs. I have the latest version of CS Cart with multistore. We didn't do any modifications, changes and we asked from our dedicated server provider if they did any changes. No real reason WHY this error happened. We didn't do any updated to multistores either. The so called "mainstore" wasn't affected but those what were "copies of main store". The funny unexplainable thing is that out of 15 additional stores only 4 were affected of this Top header + header & footer disappearance. Obviously we don't want this to happen in the future because there's no warning at all - except - orders are not coming in normally.