Blocks For Users Or Usergroups

Im not sure if Im barking up the wrong tree and something already may exist BUT.

I am on v4.36 and am looking to have a second storfetnt set up in a sub directory, this will be password access only using cs cart rocks log in to view, but I want the site to be able to change details for each custome rthat logs in (about 10 customer in total) people who resell our products.

SO I want the blocks to change such as


Contact details
Map location
terms and conditions etc

I can set all these as blocks ....any ideas or can anyone develop/point me to anything that may do the job


Create new blocks with smarty content. Use smarty to find the group id(s) and then change the content based on the group id using if/else statements.

Also - there is an add-on for about $10 that allows you to select the usergroup on block.

thanks, where is the addon, dont see it

thanks, where is the addon, dont see it

For example, our module can do it