Blocks Filling For Specific Categories

I don’t know if this can be accomplished but…

It would be nice to be able to create a block, specify the filling and assign the filling option per category. I know you can manually do this from a products level but if under the filling drop down box you could have a Category drop down box so you can take advantage of the auto fill options such as, Newest, Popularity, Related, Bestsellers and Rating selections. This way you can have for example…A category page block and specify which Root Categories/Sub Categories you would like this block to appear and for which category you would like the filling to occur for.


Create a Categories page block named “Top Computer Reviews” Block Content, “Products” Filliing, “Rating” (NEW OPTION…Categories Choose Button) “Appearance Type” Hot Deals, “Wrapper” None

I would now be able to create a Hot Deals Box auto filled with highest rated products from my Computer category only and not from all Category pages.

In addition to this it would be great if there were a block filling option to pull products based on products that customers have compared. This would add kind of a related products, at a product level type objective but created by customers and what they feel are similar products. It would go nicely with the above suggestion as well.


There is a similar feature request in the Bug Tracker:


I have not started moving Bug Tracker feature requests over to the Ideas forum yet because zeke said they will be moving them en masse once they sort out a problem with the import into the UserVoice system.

I look forward to seeing all the feature requests in the Ideas forum where we will be able to identify our top priorities to the developers.


I agree that this feature will boost cscart flexibility.

Also i would be able to retrieve in LEFT dynamically the sub categories of a selected category.

Example: I have a big fancy horizontal menu with the 5 most important categories and when i click one of the, I want in LEFT to appear a block(dynamically filled) with the subcategories of the category selected from the horizontal menu.

yap, that would be very helpful and clear

I am also trying to fing a solution for such an appearance