Blocks and hidden categories

Ok so I was playing around with the categories and their visual settings through the block manager. I’m not sure if this is a glitch, just me or an over sight.

So here is what is happening… I have set the categories to dynamic instead of emenu. Also I have created in the Categories section a block we will call Sub Sub Categories. The reason for this is I want to manually control the display and location of the third level of categories. This will be for look and function.

So here is how i would like to set things up:


__Sub Cat1

_____Sub Cat1a (hidden)

_____Sub Cat1b (hidden)

_____Sub Cat1c (hidden)

__Sub Cat2

__Sub Cat3

__Sub Cat 4



And then in the central content i would like to see:

Sub Cat1a Sub Cat1b Sub Cat1c

I have yet to figure out away to set this up. I tried to create a categories block set to manually with in the central content of the categories section. I then went to the sub sub categories and set them to hidden. Now I would think since I manually set the categories with in the block I created (separately from the main category block) that they would remain visible. Instead the categories settings just affecting the main categories block it also effects both blocks.

Now to me it would make sense that since I am manually displaying a category that it stays visible even though it is hidden in the main category section. Thoughts?

any one? :confused:

The same to me. In version 1.3.5 the Listmania Addons we can set and display all Catagories (active or Hidden).

I think it better for CS 2.0. Who can help us fix it?

well at least i’m not the only one who finds this wierd

[quote name=‘Mad Monkey’]well at least i’m not the only one who finds this wierd[/QUOTE]

Yep, same here. This was driving me crazy why some Listmania related product tabs were appearing and others not appearing - spent a day trying to track it down. Started to poke around the PHP/TPL, but no luck yet.