Block tab has disappeared from pages

Hello, we were just about to launch our website and have found a problem. Some of the menu has disappeared and the tab for blocks has also disappeared from the pages. When I click on Website, Content and then select a page, the blocks option has disappeared and I can no longer switch blocks on and off. None of the information has been lost all the pages are still there but you cannot change the blocks in order to switch certain menus on and off. Could anyone please help. Could this be a bug or have I changed something without knowing. I am using cs3. Thanks in advance

Clear cache navigateur

clear cs cart ( ?dispatch=cc)

Hello lulu51 thanks for the reply. I am a little unclear as to what I have to do. Where do

i go to clear this cache. Sorry for sounding silly. but I have absolutely no idea what I am doing

is it the browser cache? if it wasnt for you guys on this community i would have given up a long time ago. thanks again in advace

Cache cs cart = http://mydomaine/admin.php?dispatch=cc

and Cache browser

Hello I did what you have told me but nothing has changed. The block tab is no longer available at the pages. I created a new test page but I dont get a blocks tab like I used to get. When I try what you have told me I get a page not found error.Thanks for your continued help

Do you have localizations installed and active? Menus and Blocks may be affected by a localization.

hi jeremy, I dont have them installed or switched on. I have cleared all caches. The tab for the blocks in the content pages has just disappeared. I was controlling menu tabs and pages from those blocks. Can you please help? thanks dan

I can take a look if you don't mind sending me the URL and admin access to your site. It's difficult to tell without looking at it

Obviously don't post it in the forum, send via PM if you are willing to.

Thanks for the offer jeremy. I would rather not as it is a working shop and all personal information is stored for custmers and ourselves. I will try and explain better if I can.

We have suddenly lost the page block tabs from 'Website' - 'Content' - The only tabs we see when we click on a page are 'General' and 'Addons'. We can no longer control the pages we wish to display. when we create a new page we dont get the BLOCKS tab appearing like it used to. Could this be a bug or have we deleted something by mistake. I have lodged this issue in the bug tracker. Thanks again for your help