Block Right Click ??

I need to block or disable functions as cut, copy, save as, etc. from the right click menu

Paste this before in your index.tpl.



What do you want to protect with this?

[quote name=‘baballuci’]

What do you want to protect with this?[/QUOTE]

to protect my images.

I need to disable right click for Images only …!!! Can I do that???

You’d be better off having the auto watermarking mod. Read through the whole thread first, and backup any changed files. The ‘right click blocking script’ won’t work on detailed images which open in a new window.

Drag & drop the image in another application.

If you click on an image & drag it to Fireworks…Puf…the image is copied.

So the right click block wont do much to stop your images to be copied.

Watermark is the best way to go.

Or you can just hit printscreen.