Block Issue on certain products


Having terrible problems with chunks of the webpage going missing

Product Page - PROBLEM PAGE


Frontpage - Perfect


Catagory Page - Perfect


Product Page - Perfect


The top of the block is missing on the over all page, page logo is missing and so is the product images.

The store was 2.1.2 i have upgraded to 2.1.4 in an attempt to update the problem

I have replace all files on the server with stock files from a blank copy of CS

I have done a data structure sync with a blank install of CS to try rule out a database issue.

I have switched to a stock install copy of the base skin

I have cleared all template and cache

The issue only seems to happen to recently added products

Anyone else have any similar issues?

The blocks seem to be out side of the product page middle part



[quote name=‘JesseLeeStringer’]Fixed,[/QUOTE]

Turns out the client was copying and pasting entire HTML page code instead of just the required tags,

Thanks Jesse for the help, sometimes I just dont check the obvious