Block/Banner for Video

I created a “Video” block with “Banners” as the block content. I assigned this to the product detail pages as a tab. Then, I added a new banner and tried to upload an FLV file, but CS-Cart won’t allow me to upload FLV. Any other ideas for adding a video to a product page? I thought I saw a thread on this before, but I can’t find it.

What is if you upload the flv video manually over the ftp software? But how you like to use a flv player in cs-cart???

If i need videos i would upload my wished video on a famous and fast video community and use there code and then i put it in the tab. Is this a option? O.K. not really a cs-cart solution, but better as nothing.

I’m using the Attachments option. I renamed it to “Video” and created a Flash video player that I dropped into the attachments template. The videos are mp4 format, and they’re uploaded through the CS-Cart admin. Have a look: Dining Discovieries