Blank Page After Clearing Cache Manually

Hi all,

Big problem here.

Today I manually deleted the cache folder. (inside the var folder)

Then (on the storefront site) the site goes blank.

Backend is still working OK.

If I look at the sourcecode of the blank page, I see the page stops loading after loading the main css file.

I see new cache files are build up in de cache folder.

Who knows where I should start looking?


It seems some changes come into effect and you can contact us here CS-Cart Templates - CS-Cart Skins - CS-Cart Addons - CS-Cart Mods for a quick debug. Thanks!

Thank you cscartrocks for the quick response.

How this was solved.

cs-cart -on default- prevents php from showing errors. (took me a while figuring that out)

In config.local changed the setting to show errors and was now able to quickly solve the problem.

Apparently the MySQL sessions table got corrupted and the google analytics add-on was giving an error.

So, repaired the database and disabled the google add-on and all works back normal.

Now figuring out what happened on the google add-on but at least the webshop is back on!