Blank Browser After Clearing Cache

Since a few days ago, I’m getting a blank browser when I clear the cache with

Does anyone know this problem, and how to solve this? I’m also afraid that some other files are corrupted.

I’m looking forward to your reply!

Hi Michiel - we happen to get this quite often when we clear our cache. We also quite often get 500 Internal Server Errors when clearing our cache too, but regardless which error CS Cart returns the cache does get cleared. This has been happening to us since we passed the ~1100 product point, it may also be related to the number of transaction records too, as we hit ~1100 products around the same time our busy season started. I'm not sure how to remedy this situation, but nothing seems to be corrupted on our end (at least not visibly), and the cart is still functioning perfectly fine.

Thank you for your reply, it seems that the white page isn't the only problem. Because sometimes when a customer goes to a cart with the checkout button a grey page appears, the same happens to me regularly with the adminpanel.

Also when I trie to install/unistall an addon I get the error: error occured please try again later

Problem has been solved. The problem was that the file permissions weren't set.

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Problem has been solved. The problem was that the file permissions weren't set.


I cleared the cache from Price List Addon, and my site all the images are not showing up now. Could you please let me know how you resolved the persmission issue. Looks like something to do with the permission when clearing the cache. Appreciate you help in this situation.