big problem

When I was creating an order over the phone using CS-Cart I could not enter in the customer’s Yahoo e-mail address. It would say e-mail not valid. I simply typed in my own e-mail address and got through the order. Well today the same thing happened with a Yahoo address and it then it clicked… If I can’t enter a yahoo address than neither can my customer trying to buy stuff online with a Yahoo e-mail address.

What did I do that made my cs-cart (lastest sold version) reject yahoo email addresses?

This is interesting as the email validation is simple “standard” stuff.

[QUOTE]The script makes the following assumptions regarding what a valid email address is:

-Contains a least one character procedding the “@”

-Contains a “@” following the procedding character(s)

-Contains at least one character following the “@”, followed by a dot (.), followed by either a two character or three character string (a two character country code or the standard three character US code, such as com, edu etc)[/QUOTE]

Is there some “unusual” character in this Yahoo email address?

nothing unusual. I’m not sure why it isn’t working. I tried a few different yahoo addresses and none of them is working. AOL , Hotmail , etc work fine?

I’ve had similar issues mostly when I copy/paste but also directly typing in. I substitute my email address and it works just fine.