Big Problem With Multivendor Ultimate Storefront. 4.13.3

We are using the CSCART MV Ultimate 4.13.3

Vendors storefront is not working in cscart multivendor ultimate in real scenario. Big SEO and search result issue.

Scenario :
We are using multistore front. We have main store front “” and have another Storefront "" On this storefront we wanted to set up products from our one category name "category1".

We did not find the option to create a storefront for category wise. Storefronts can be created vendor wise. So, We created a vendor for this category and assigned this category products to that vendor. An assigned the storefront to the vendor. and now storefront is working.

Big Problem : Now, The problem is when we go to Storefront "" and we type any category name in search box. This brings the search results from all categories. In above scenario you see that we have assigned only one category "category1" to the vendor of that storefront.

Another big problem, Multivendor has also created the SEO URL for all categories on “” storefront. whereas all categories are not assigned to “xyz” storefront.

These categories don’t show products from main store. Only categories seo URLs are created without products. only seo URLs created.


If you have written any SEO content on categories pages of main store “” using HTML blocks and smarty block. That will also copy and display on categories pages of “”

And google sitemap is also generated for all categories as given above. And now once you will submit this sitelink to google search console. Google will index your pages. And after some time, you may see blank categories without products listed in search results.

To be fixed :

  1. Add an option to create a Storefront by "category wise" in upcoming version.
  2. Only selected category SEO Urls should be create on new storefront. Not all
  3. Only selected categories and their product should be displayed in search results.

When you can, upgrade to 4.14.1 which is being progressively rolled out as we speak, it has category by shopfront.