Better order communications

I would like to see the ability to add customer notes and send order update and status change emails directly from the order page. I would also like to see this information logged by date and time.

Are you using cs-cart? This already exists in the Admin Orders Area.

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Are you using cs-cart? This already exists in the Admin Orders Area.


Where? The only thing that is there is a box for customer notes and a box for staff notes. Just like the “add shipment” button that is supposed to be there and is not.

when you add text in the customer noes and check the notify customer box, they get an email telling them what you have wrote


You can also make statuses.

Go to Orders → Order statuses.

Give each status a message. Check notify customer.

Now, if you change the status of an order, it will send the status message that belongs to that status.


I agree with the theme proposed herein. Cs Cart suffers really from a lack of communication tracking. In fact : like PrestaShop does, I think we generally mark several notice/notes on a order : client call, run out of stock. Either admin or shipper (admin user) could be able to post and we should get an history of staff posts on this order.

Staff communication with history :

Either by adding a new tab with in brackets order notes (x) where X represents how many notes are related to the order. For midsized website, it would help to know what happen.

Precanned messages :

Prestashop does it for useful alldays communications, either for customer care purpose or for staff relationship.

Other suggestion : To implement both on customer communication and staff communications : pre-canned messages that could be defined in general admin : such as for instance (ideally with multi language support) :


[]The client has called

]We're out of stock of Ref :

[*]Dear Sir, Dear Madam, We would like to inform you that your order delivery is rescheduled to next business day.


It's useful and also quite simple to implement.

Improving data on order / history on decisions / actions taken by who / customer information.

Here are some great and easy ideas to deal with.

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It's useful and also quite simple to implement.


Then what's stopping you?