Beta shop hacked Latest beta

Well it dindt take long :frowning:

Version: 2.0.1, Release date: 27/01/2009 08:30

My Beta shop was visited by unwanted guests nigth to the 4 march.

I did not find the source but my isp said it was javascript based.

In the same time they manage to take down my homepage

So now my isp asked if i could doubble check files and folder permisions.

So is there any list of permisions for files and or folder in c-cart beta ?

On my homepage i have now added flodding protection and some other smart functions, however i cant find somthing like that for cs-cart.

I do have some logs however i do not now what to look for :frowning:

No idea what you are talking about man…

1 i try out the new Beta of cs-cart.

Yesterday the site went blank, Index admin and so on was not posible to enter.

The pages where Blank.

Got in touch with isp and they say the files/folders have been altered by a script (Java based)

3 people knew about the subdomain cs-cart beta registration, me and a close friend.

All files do have a CHMOD value

for example folder Images is 666.

What about the rest of files/folders on the server ?









and so on.