Best Way To Test New Themes?

Simple enough, as topic. What would be the best way for me to test new themes with my current website without killing everything?

install a new version for development purposes in a sub directory blocked by robots txt

or set one up on your local machine

You can use this instruction to make a copy of the store:

Hi eCom,

I followed those instructions to the letter. I'm installing on XAMPP.

All works up until I try moving my old store across. I can install a fresh store on the testing server no problem. Its at step 4 I encounter problems.

“Copy all CS-Cart files to the new server. Make sure that the modified and newly created files have been successfully copied and have overwritten the corresponding original files.”

For this step, I am copying everything from the public_html on my FTP to the c:\xampp\htdocs\cscart (the folder that contains the fresh install). I copy everything across then I get this error.

Any idea?

It is required to check server error logs. I cannot answer on your question at the moment

The process that is making the error is the copying of files from website to testing server (xampp).

I am copying the entire public_html from the FTP onto my desktop,

I'm then copying the the contents of the public_html folder into the fresh install folder of CS cart in the XAMPP directory.

Is this what I should be doing?