Best way to integrate Apple Pay

I looked in the forums for any mentions of “Apple Pay”, and the latest post I could find was from 2020. Does anyone use or know the best way to integrate Apple Pay into CS-Cart? I guess Apple is getting more traction out there these days for how quick and easy it is to use. Thanks!

Please take a look

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Awesome, thank you ecomlabs! Of course, when in doubt, check the manual… lol :wink:

Update: In case others see this post, there is one more step, you do need to configure Apple Pay from within Stripe for it to work. See Payment methods (clear pay, apple pay) - #4 by skywaywebdesign

or follow the steps in Set up Apple Pay for your website from Stripe (you currently do not need an Apple Developer Program Membership for the CS-Cart web integration):


thanks for the extra info, @CS-Cart_team maybe worth changing the docs

Thanks for the mention!

I have notified the documentation maintainers to add this information to the the article.

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