Best upgrade path for existing store

Hi everyone this is my first post.

I have an existing web store running oscommerce on an aged and sucessful domain.

I would like to replace the web store with a new CS cart store on the same domain for obvious reasons, traffic, serps, PR etc etc…

What my safest course of action?

My thoughts are install cscart in a new folder - mydomain Resources and Information.

have a play, design and load the products on the new store.

I am not 100% sure what to do next.

I would like my domain to remian

I know i will need to 301 any old pages that get any decent traffic.

Will installing the new store in the folder interfere with the old store?

My second question is my oldsite has no ssl as i use worldpay to process the payments.

when i install cscart i want to use ssl but will activating this interfere with my old store? (I will be using Cpanel to do this)

I really like how simple cscart is compared to oscommerce, I tried Magento for a while but this was way over my head…:smiley:

Welcome to the forum werebear.

Your thought of creating the CS-Cart store in a sub-directory is a good one. After the store is as you would like it simply move it to the root and reflect your new path in the config.local.php file. There may be some changes you’d want to make in your database as well. What I do in this case is download the database, open it in notepad or any text editor and do a find and replace. I then truncate the database on the server and import the edited one. You should be good to go.