Best Practices sitemap.xml

I am getting ready to update my sitemap.xml file.

Should the URL’s in the sitemap reflect the SEO URL’s. I am using SEO and am not using catalogs at this time.

Are there any automated tools to set this up that are any good.

How deep do I really need to go here…if I sitemap my info pages, home page, and my categories is that good enough or should I go deeper.

any other suggestions would be appreciated,

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Are there any automated tools to set this up that are any good.


Sitemaps are built into 2.10 as an addon. Just enable and edit your .htaccess file

Cool I see that now.

Question though…my store is one part of my site and runs from a folder below the root…

Should not my sitemap be at the root or can I have a sitemap at the root and one in my store folder…

If it needs to be in the root how do I tell CS Cart to put it there or what else must I do.

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(I have not tired it) But I assume you can submit 2 sitemaps. one for root and one for store


Yes I have my sites setup with google…I will check into it, thanks Kogi


I just went through this with my new store. You can submit multiple sitemaps, but be careful not to overlap the content.

I don’t know where version 2.0.10 puts the sitemap, but I would assume the store root directory.

Also make sure you robots.txt points out your sitemap locations.

Hope that helps.


Please verify - I found that only a handful (like 5) of my products were listed. My search engine ranking dropped like a rock… I am trying to diagnose the problem but when compared to the snorocket sitemap of 780 links the addon sitemap list of 130 links just isn’t cutting it.