Best Place In The Forum To Ask For Help? (Paid)

Hi guys,

sorry if this is placed in an incorrect area.

It's been 2 years since I bought a license and I'm finally getting the site's act together.

Just wondering the best section to ask for help? (Paid obviously!)

I'm looking for someone reliable, I can trust, who can help at a fair price, who can be my regular go to person for any CS Cart tweaks, installations, upgrades, modifications.

I've just added a beautiful theme to my website. I'm currently uploading 3600 suppliers products in a CSV file which is mega exciting!

Things I am interested getting work done on are: (not all at once BTW)


Site speed, performance (On a shared server currently)

Shipping & Locations (UK Based, can only send certain products abroad due to feasibility on shipping)

Preparing for Indexing on google (I know how to use Google Webmaster)


Upgrades/Updating to next versions

General Tweaks & suggestions for improvement

Addon installation (One Addon in particular)

Other ideas:

Using/Connecting home NAS Server as storage offsite for digital products (Pipe line idea)

Would very much appreciate your thoughts and please Private Message me if you know a good contact to put me in touch with.



hi Marcemaker,

usually requests are categorized and posted under these topics

best regards,

WSA team

The relavent category that matches your enquiry!

Requests. 3rd Party Add-ons, Hints & Modifications, Developers' Corner, etcetera…

I would post your request for help under Third Party Services! You want help from someone = 3rd Party.


Thanks everyone, I now have two leads to go on.