Best method of putting 'Twitter follow me' and 'Join us Facebook' button

Hi everyone,

I’ve been searching the forum to see what is the best method of putting a ‘Follow me on Twitter’ and ‘Join us on Facebook’ button on the home page but not sure which way to go.

Questions I had:

  1. What is the best method so it doesn’t slow page load?
  2. What are some good sources for button script?

    Appreciate if someone could give some leads or direction on this.


sell lots of options - make your own image or use something like


all you need is your twitter id - my recommendation is to have the image locally and not from another url.

same would apply for your fb link - lots of sites to get you a nice image - google images with twitter logos or facebook logos search - and then use some standard coding to link.


Thanks for the response and the suggestion. Will give that a try.