Basic Ajax Hook to Call Controller

Hi Cscart , I want to make a delete button per tags, can you check my approach doing ajax on cscart , its not working.
{foreach from=$viewed_tags item=“tag”}

<a class=“cm-ajax cm-post” href=“{“tags.delete?tag_id={$tag.tag_id}” }”>{$tag.tag_id}Ajax!


hope you can help me @ecomlabs with this

Please try

<a class="cm-ajax cm-post" href="{"tags.delete?tag_id=$tag.tag_id"|fn_url}">{$tag.tag_id}Ajax!</a>

the $tag.tag_id part of the URL should be covered with backticks (I do not know how to past backticks correctly here)

Hi @ecomlabs it say access denied when click
for this both, or vendor panel is not allowed to perform delete?

Yes, looks like vendor cannot delete tags. It is required to extend permissions schema