barcodes: order details

I just noticed the barcodes in the order details / printable invoice. Can someone explain how that might be put to practical use? I understand how one might use them on a product level, which would be a great feature for the future, but how would you use it on an order level?

Some postal services require you to print out a slip that you put on your box. They have barcodes on it, so the postal service scans the barcode.

Now, I have no experience on barcodes and don’t know if this would work with my postal service.

But putting it on the invoice seems a bit weird, you are obviously not placing that on the outside of the package…

A separate label with shipping info and barcode on it, and another invoice that you put inside the box would be the best solution. Imo.

Ahh … hadn’t thought about postal barcodes. Is that what it’s for? If so, I agree having it on a shipping label would be very appropriate.

I suppose it could be used for larger operations … i.e. the packing slip having a bar code skanned in as the order is filled by one department, the shipping label skanned as the package is shipped by another &/or the postal service on pickup … a means to track the order from department to department to the customer’s front door. I suppose it might even be possible to skan it from the monitor as a means to tie CS-Cart to a company’s fulfillment processes, don’t know for sure. I’ve not made the leap to barcodes though I’ve thought about it for logging receipt of new inventory, but tieing it to my Qickbooks PO’s seemed more work than benefit.