Banners multilanguage

We are using quite a lot of banners, most graphic. We should be able to upload a banner (picture) for each languages. But when I change the picture in one language, the other language changes as well.

This means we have to put all our banners into the shop using HTML in a block, which is really annoying and very prone to errors.

I'm totally confused now.

I just spend an afternoon changing all my banners to HTML banners instead of graphic so I could manually change the links per language.

Only to discover… this also doesn't work! The picture changes, but all banners simply link to the main language! So apparently links in banners can not be multilanguage, period!..

Does anyone else have this problem?

I am having the same problem, is there anyone that could help? I am supposed to handover the site this week…




You need to use normal HTML. Super annoying, but it's the only way.

Please post here: [url=“”][/url]

maybe if others respond they will give it more priority.

If you want moving banners, use Seonids headlines add-on. It's good and the only multilanguage one I know off: [url=“”][/url]

Here is the fix:[list=1]

[]Upload the files to addons/my_changes folder

]Add a banner image (can be the default banner image without the in the admin back-end, for example: banner_image.jpg

[*]Upload the desired images in the different languages named for example: banner_image_.jpg with the in upper case.


Works like a charm with 2.2.2, have not tested any other versions.


Special thanks to Tony of EZ Merchant Solutions

Be careful just uploading the zip file. If you have an existing func.php or init.php in your addons/my_changes directory it would overwrite them. Best to extract the 3 files into a separate directory and then either copy them into place if they are not already present on your site or cut/past the actual code segments into your existing func.php and/or init.php files… Just don't want people tromping on existing files blindly.