Banner Images Not Uploading

I set up the Banners Management add on (V3.0.6) and I am trying to create 4 banners to use (Website => Banners). But when I try to upload an image for a banner, it just doesn’t get uploaded. The little dotted square that says “No image available” goes away, but no thumbnail shows in its place. I have tried uploading using Local, Server, and URL, none of them successfully upload an image. I did check that my folders on the server are writeable, and it looks like they all are (although I’m not positive which ones the banner management addon uses). Does anyone have any idea why this isn’t working for me? Thank you for your help!


Please make sure that you have enough space available on your hosting server.

Also, please note that the images directory and all its subdirectories and files should have 777 (readable, writable and executable for all) permissions.

Also note that only .png, .jpg and .gif images are supported

Thanks for your help, but I have already checked all of those things. The banner image is jpg format, there is plenty of space on my server, and the folders are all 777. Interesting to note - I can upload some other images without a problem to create a banner (like I tested a smaller 500x400 image). The images I want to use are not large files (they are 70-80KB each) but they are wide (1200 pixels across, 450 pixels high). Is there a limit to width/height for banner images?