Bank Transfer

I don't know whether bank transfer is the right name for it or not.

A customer just called. They had just placed an order and had chosen "Check" as the payment method. We say on our web site that if they choose that method, they will need to send a physical check and once we get that the items will be shipped. However, they evidently didn't see that, and they thought they would be entering their bank details (routing number, account number etc.) "just like we do for other vendors."

They were really taken aback when I told them they would need to send a physical check. They were not interested in paying by credit card.

So my question is, is it possible to set up the cart so that it will take money from someone's bank account like he was expecting?

My payment processor is PayPal, though I do have a Stripe account also (but probably don't have a working addon).


Yes we use it by setting up an offline payment method, have fields set for them to input account name and a message saying for them to quote the CS order number in the account payment

similar to this

OK thanks. I'll have to look into it when I have more time.