Bad Bugtracker Trend

I’ve noticed a very negative trend now happening in bugtracker. When an issue is uncovered, the submitter is told to open a ticket with the help desk and then the bugtracker incident is closed and all visibility is lost.

I understood that the goal was to improve visibility and management of bugtracker submitted items, not to bury them inside the helpdesk.

I find this extremely frustrating because the result many times from the helpdesk is something like “we’ve forwarded this to our architects. We hope it will be realized in a future release.”.

This is almost useless information and doesn’t even confirm the defect validity nor commit to what release it will be resolved in.

Get so frustrated with all the hiding of issues that seems to have started over the past year. Makes it very difficult for someone to keep up with problems that exist and if/when they are going to be fixed.


Bottom line is that they want everyone to use the helpdesk so that they can make money. I for one will never be using helpdesk again.

Doesn't line up with the effort they put out to categorize and rank defects and add the fields in bugtracker. Wish things were more transparent and up-front like they used to be. But all of this seems to be a trend…

Being transparent and open can be bad for business though. The previous cart I used looked absolutely fantastic from the forum and website as everyone was raving about it and there were never any problems on the forums that weren't solved in hours.

However as I spent more time on the forum I noticed that threads that didn't receive resolutions in 24 hours were deleted and any mention of other carts or missing features were also removed.

After struggling for months with it I found it was totally bug ridden (far, far more than CS-Cart) and completely lacking in most of the features the main website said it had.

Now someone looking for a new cart comparing that one to CS-Cart would think that CS-Cart is a pile of rubbish because of all the issues in the forums when the reverse is true.

I've also noticed the trend to dismiss bug reports quickly as “cannot reproduce” or “contact the helpdesk”. I don't condone it but I can totally understand why in the modern world it is felt that direction is necessary.

About two months ago, Imac made inquiries about how to improve the Bug Tracker (while this is a form style, it's not really the user forum). Cs-cart was advised to use a real bugtracker but they declined and instead did some enhancements to the existing one.

But the current policies make those changes useless.

I guess that's my real point. All smoke and no fire.


Just so you know I did get your “report” and so did the admins. Since I have no idea of their bug tracker plans I did not answer it.

But be aware it's still open and I will make sure someone from CS reads and responds.



I probably shouldn't have done it via a “report”, but as it is now, anything closed is pretty much a dead end. That was one of the major complaints expressed when they went through the “improvements”.

I recently posted information on a bug report but did not want to put links to alternative shopping carts so I sent a help desk ticket to them because you cannot contact them on this forum direct. Instead of getting any decent kind of response I got a generic comment…

[quote]Thank you for the message.

We will contact you at the first opportunity. However, I am afraid that our technical support department is loaded heavily at the moment. You should expect our answer not earlier than in 2-3 business days. We apologize for any possible inconveniences.

Thank you.[/quote]

I'm sorry, but just a simple note saying they will forward it to the proper person would make more sense. Instead I got the coined “we're busy” response.