Backup/restore Appears Broken

Just today this started....every time I go to Administration --> Backup & Restore all I get is a completely blank page. The location bar indicates a URL ending in ".php?dispatch=datakeeper.manage". Anyone have any idea what may have happened or how to fix it?


That's the correct url. Delete /var/cache/

Thanks after a few tries it finally worked, but I also had to delete the contents of /var/backups.

Well I did get it working again, but the backup seems to take excessively long. Seems to stick on compressing backup. Is it perhaps due to having just over 47000 items in the store?

What version are you running.

Seems that the newest (they've had several) method being used to compress (PHP ZipArchive class) is only really effective on small models. So yes, if it's the DB backup then it's probably churning. Note: they no longer give you the option to do any backups in uncompressed format! Grr... That should probably be reported as a bug since they have a selector, just only the one entry.

I am running 4.3.3SP1

Then you are probably still using the Phar Archive method and it's a pig too.

I have found that the .sql file appears to get created just fine, but when it comes to compression the progress bar just spins endlessly.....I literally let it run overnight and it was in the same place this morning.

Yes, see one of the countless other threads that specifically related to disabling backup for pre V4.3.3 relaases and disabling compression on 4.3.4.

The upgrade process within the 4.3 release has changed significantly from release to release and it still doesn't work properly for any site beyond the demo configuraiton.

So a search for "upgrade backup" (wihtout quotes) in the forum

Out of an abundance of caution, I don't want to upgrade until I know I have a good backup. The problem I'm having now is that with 47301 items I can't even get a backup to complete much less compress.


I wouldn't rely on cs-cart backup for site recovery backup anyway. You should have a separate backup that you can use in case of catastrophe. You should do full backups of your site which includes your public_html directory, all your email stored in your site, your databases (all of them that you use), etc. Generally you can do this through cpanel or whatever admin panel software you use for managing your site (including your shopping cart).

Internal backups of databases should be considered a snap-shot type of bakup to restore you to a recent point. They are not intended for disaster recovery. Our EZ Admin Helper addon can help with automating this type of activity.

Upgrades is the single greatest risk to a merchant at this point and I'm seeing a trend of "don't upgrade" because of fear of failure. Not something you want your primary business software to instill.