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I saw that someone else had posted about backorders recently and there are still some lingering questions in that thread, so I would rather not highjack considering I am asking a little diff question.

We want backorders to be pretty simple. When the inventory gets to 0 it says “backordered” on the site for the customer for that particular product. When the product is backordered it is coupled with a checkbox that says “notify me” when available. If the customer checks this box, then when the product gets new inventory, the customer email on file is emailed notifying them of new inventory availability.

Is this a significant feature request? It seems like something pretty simple considering all that CS-Cart does already.

Does anyone else face this issue and have made a work around to automate customer emails when the product is back in stock?

I entered a feature request similar to this in the Bug Tracker:


You can add your comments to this post to voice your interest and make any suggestions for how it should work.


I added to your bug report:

“I like where jobosales is going with this.

More specifically, when the product is out of stock, there should be a small body of text that shows up on the website. The text would be somewhere near the add-to-cart button. The value of the text should be set in the admin panel by the site admin so they can customize the message that is displayed to the customer when there is a backordered product.

If the customer is not logged in, then when the customized backorder message is displayed there will be a checkbox saying “Notify Me” when the product is back in stock. When the potential customer clicks this checkbox a text field will be displayed allowing them to enter an email address to notify them.

If the customer is logged in, they should just have to click a checkbox that says “Notify Me” which will harvest their email address and store somewhere in the database that this customer would like to be notified when the product is back in stock.

The email that is sent to the customer should be something we can edit from the admin panel.”

Just added my support to this. However, I see that there are a few of us that would like this. May be we should ask someone like snorocket how much this would cost?

Thom from already has a mod you can buy that does this if you’re interested in it. I think it looks great - just haven’t purchased it yet.



If you want this added to the standard cart, vote at:



[quote name=‘scase’]Thom from already has a mod you can buy that does this if you’re interested in it. I think it looks great - just haven’t purchased it yet.



I have that mod installed and it works perfectly.

Yes. I have this mod now.

You can vote to add this feature in the Ideas forum:



[quote name=‘CathyG’]I have that mod installed and it works perfectly.[/QUOTE]

Which module is that exactly?

[quote name=‘Webrunner’]Which module is that exactly?[/QUOTE]

This one

I’m in need of this option NOW !!!

I am a seller of “recut” player piano rolls.

Meaning, I send my old original rolls off to a recutter, they scan them in, store the files on a computer, uses a machine to cut NEW rolls by reading the file previously scanned.

They can make up to 10 rolls at a time.

So I can have rolls as REAL “In Stock” and some rolls as BACK ORDERED “in Stock” (in the case I need to have that particular roll sent in for the one time scanning.)

Right now, I have about 6 “potential” customers that have 60 rolls total on Wish Lists.

NOBODY have bit the TRUST bullet and actually ordered these rolls - yet.

Thanks, Duaine