Backorder Payment issue


Running on CS-Cart Version 4.17.2-sp3, with Stripe Checkout as the payment gateway.

In a scenario where I purchase two products from different vendors:

The first product, with a stock of 10, priced at $50, with an order ID of 10.
The second product, with no stock available (backorder), priced at $30, with an order ID of 11.

Upon adding both products to the cart and proceeding to the payment gateway, the total amount payable sums up to $80, which I can cover in full.

Following a successful payment transaction, upon reviewing order ID 11, you’ll find a “Pay Now” button available for settling the outstanding payment on the backordered product.



If you have not enabled the Allow negative stock amount option on the Settings > General page, or have not enabled the Track inventory option for this product (or globally), you will not be able to add items to your cart that exceed the current available In Stock amount.

So there are no issues here, your installation works exactly as set up.