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I have attached an image showing my needs and hope you can help. I need the state abbreviated only in the backoffice area when viewing a customers order. I also need to get the company name about customers name and do away with the company title (we already know its a company).

Any help appreciated.




There is no image attached?

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OOPS! Doggone it. I have now attached the pdf with image.

You should modify the following template or use hooks in it


I'd suggest you use




hooks and replace the 'b_state_desc' and 's_state_descr' with 'b_state' and 's_state'.

Alternatively , you could use a 'post' hook and a bit of jQuery to replace the actual '

' element that contains the city/state/zip info in question. The $user_data information will be available to you in the post hook.

Best practice is to avoid modifying core files when possible. The override might need to be maintained over future upgrades (not likely, but might) and the post/jQuery solution should last a long time without being impacted by upgrades.