Backend Display Of Usergroup

I am looking for a way to display which user group a customer belongs to. I need this to show up in two locations.

One is the customer list page. I have already added a column and am attempting to insert the user group variable. Unfortunately nothing I have tried works.

Also i need it to display under customer information in the abandoned carts information.

I have tried several variations, none of which have worked.






just to name a few. I would appreciate some guidance here!

Thank you in advance.

For abandonded carts:

Add the following code:

    foreach ($carts_list as $key => $cart_data) {
        $carts_list[$key]['usergroups'] = '';
        if (!empty($cart_data['user_data']) && !empty($cart_data['user_data']['usergroups'])) {
            $usergroups = db_get_fields("SELECT usergroup FROM ?:usergroup_descriptions WHERE usergroup_id IN (?a) AND lang_code = ?s", array_keys($cart_data['user_data']['usergroups']), DESCR_SL);
            $carts_list[$key]['usergroups'] = implode(', ', $usergroups);

just above the following line:

Tygh::$app['view']->assign('carts_list', $carts_list);

in the app/controllers/backend/cart.php.

Then replace the following line:

{if $}{if $customer.firstname || $customer.lastname}{$customer.lastname} {$customer.firstname}{else}{$}{/if}{else}{__("unregistered_customer")}{/if}

with this one:

{if $}{if $customer.firstname || $customer.lastname}{$customer.lastname} {$customer.firstname}{else}{$}{/if}
{$customer.usergroups nofilter}{else}{__("unregistered_customer")}{/if}

in the design/backend/templates/views/cart/cart_list.tpl

For Customers page in the administrator area, add the following lines:

    foreach ($users as $key => $user) {
        $user_usergroups = array_keys(fn_get_user_usergroups($user['user_id']));
        if (!empty($user_usergroups)) {
            $usergroups = db_get_fields("SELECT usergroup FROM ?:usergroup_descriptions WHERE usergroup_id IN (?a) AND lang_code = ?s", $user_usergroups, DESCR_SL);
        } else {
            $usergroups = array();
        $users[$key]['usergroups'] = implode(', ', $usergroups);

just below the following line:

list($users, $search) = fn_get_users($_REQUEST, $auth, Registry::get('settings.Appearance.admin_elements_per_page'));

in the app/controllers/backend/profiles.php

Then replace the following line:

{if $user.firstname || $user.lastname}{$user.lastname} {$user.firstname}{else}-{/if}{if $user.company_id}{include file="views/companies/components/company_name.tpl" object=$user}{/if}

with the following one:

{if $user.firstname || $user.lastname}{$user.lastname} {$user.firstname}{else}-{/if}
{$user.usergroups nofilter}{if $user.company_id}{include file="views/companies/components/company_name.tpl" object=$user}{/if}

in the design/backend/templates/views/profiles/manage.tpl

And do not forget to clear clear the cache before checking the changes.

Worked perfectly! Thank you very much!

You are welcome!