Back with Cs-cart Meta Tags

Oh the Mysterious Cs-cart how I love you. I am back after a 3 year breakup. I alway’s loved cs-cart but love and hated the How do I do this? How do I do that? The manual sucks. What is the point of the manual if there is no guide on how to do stuff? How do you change the meta tags on the homepage title?


Look at [URL][/URL]

and click on the page graphic next to the Home Page tab.

or go to [URL][/URL] and click on Reference Guide | Design | Blocks

and scroll all the way to the bottom

another question since your here, by the way, thank you. How do you change the page file name to be more seo friendly? example blablablabla3212categoery.html how would you change it to be like treesgrowwheninthesun.html ?

First ensure you have the SEO Addon enabled.

Then under each category or product in the Admin area you will see a tab called Add-ons. Click on it and set your SEO Name. This will be the pages new *.htm name. You do not have to add the .html, cs-cart automatically does this for you.

For example, go to [URL][/URL] and click on the Add-Ons tab. Under SEO Name you will see books. This means the new page is books.html

Note that it will default to the page title with spaces substituted with ‘-’ characters once SEO is enabled and the page is saved.