Back office Customer Sorting

OK, I am trying to sort the customer page by LAST NAME, not the first as CS-Cart retardedly does now. LOL. I edited the “/skins/basic/admin/views/profiles/manage.tpl” file

to have last name appear first for each customer but the program is still sorting by first name. Where do I change the sort logic? I am still new to CS-Cart’s structure and it’s still weird to me coming from Prestashop since it was so easy to customize stuff like this.

Sometimes I post before giving myself a real chance to figure it out. For anyone interested in this making the back office users sort by last name you must edit the fn.users.php file in the core directory in addition to the admin/views/profiles/manage.tpl file. Look for these lines in the fn.users.php file, and swap firstname and lastname as highlighted:

// Define sort fields

$sortings = array (

‘id’ => “?:users.user_id”,

‘username’ => “?:users.user_login”,

‘email’ => “?”,

‘name’ => [COLOR=“Red”]array(“?:users.lastname”, “?:users.firstname”)[/COLOR],

‘date’ => “?:users.timestamp”,

‘type’ => “?:users.user_type”,

‘status’ => “?:users.status”,