AWS Autoscaling for MV

What is the best cost-efficient AWS configuration for autoscaling for CS-Cart MV.

Currently using 1 EC2 t3.medium and 1 RDS (MySQL) instance. Also my stack includes Cloudflare for DNS, basic caching and proxy, 500mb Redis server hosted locally (in EC2)
PHP 7.4 and Nginx.

The challenge is that for session and block caching in files. The cache queries would miss since they are not sharing the same files/instance.

My DevOps is not familiar with CS-Cart so he is unsure of how to go about it. He suggested using EFS (Elastic file storage) instead of EBS so that all instances will share the files but it is slightly more expensive and also more latency (who wants that).
Also another solution is using Docker.
Has anyone tried setting up auto-scaling for Multivendor with AWS? Would appreciate your suggestions