Avanced default category tree to install in on my website?


Is there any default advanced category tree that I can translate and import ? It seems like I need to add hundreds of subcategories which is virtually impossible , I need to spend countless hours to do it. If the vendors won’t find the proper category it will be a real problem.

What do you mean by “default advanced category tree”?
Also, if you have thousands of sub-categories, how does it help you to have some dummy tree set up by default? You’ll have to do the translation anyway.

Hundreds. What I meant is that I need to built it for one user from the scratch by checking other similar multi-vendor platform. So I need somehow to import a default categories tree that has all the subcategories. Even if I found it in english and use google translate, it will be good, the thing is that there are so many, I would like to have it from someone else. I found similar cs-cart website , one that have the need it categories, but I dont know how to copy it from there.

Do you have trial addon for this Add-ons :: Sales :: Prices / Promotions :: Allow vendors to create their own category tree

We can provide you with the demo store with add-on installed, however I’m not sure if it fits your requirements. It lets vendors create their own miniature category tree, which is kept separate from the main “marketplace” category tree.

From what I know, if you import products with “category” column (through standard product import), the CS-Cart should create the necessary categories. Maybe that would work?

The thing is that the website is lacking of all need it subcategories, I need to manually add it which is alot of work. I was hoping to find already made complex multi-vendor categorie/subcategories file to import it directly and solve this issue.