Available currency bug in V4.0.3

Just upgraded from v4.0.2 to v4.0.3, and have a new bug. When viewing any category, if the list of products includes a product that has options, the available currencies that can be selected on top of the page is wrong! For multiple stores, it always shows all currencies. Should only show the currencies enabled for that store!

I have multiple stores. When in a store that only has some currencies (not all available ones) enabled, all currencies are shown in selection box on top of page. It should only show the currencies that are enabled for that store.

To duplicate bug, use CS Cart with multiple stores. Must have multiple currencies defined in admin. For example AUD, USD and EUR. Now, if you are viewing a store that has only 2 currency enabled (USD and EUR for example), it should only show USD and EUR as options on top of the page. This is normally the case, and works. BUT, if you select a category that lists products with options, it will show ALL currencies on top of the page. In this example, USD, EUR and AUD will be available. It should of course only still show the selected currencies (USD and EUR for this example).

Submit to bugtracker, this is the community forum.