Automatically Change Product Status based on X Variable

Hello everyone,

I am wondering if there is a way within the Standard software or an Add-On that would give the ability to automatically change a Products Status (Active, Disabled, Hidden) based upon an X variable?

Condition 1
If a defined individual product (Product Listing 1) becomes out of stock due to a completed sale then make that product listing “Disabled” and make another individual product (Product Listing 2) “Active”.

Condition 2
Then when new inventory is added to the (Product Listing 1) it automatically becomes “Active” and (Product Listing 2) becomes “Disabled”.

This would be useful because it means the store can have an “In Stock” listing and a “Pre-Order” listing with different details in the description regarding delivery times etc and the two listing automatically alternate based on the amount of available inventory in the In-Stock listing.

Cheers in advance for any feedback.

If you combine the DBS, FBOs and ABS schemes - With a single fence from the supplier and shipment from your warehouse and show customers in the product card as available and remote warehouse.

The buyer, when placing an order from one warehouse, is shown one delivery method, and if from both warehouses, then one delivery service can be set up for both warehouses and set the time to move the goods to the goods sorting warehouse.

In this case, when the balances are synchronized and the quantity is zero, the product itself will disappear from the showcase

The module is able to hide goods from the showcase for buyers if delivery is not available for the buyer’s city


Unfortunately there is no ready solution to hide / show listings and products automatically.

I’m witRe-read your request and suggested that maybe you need to study this addon.

If we understand you correctly, then you sell several products as one and you will need to make one e from two parts if one is finished then turn off, and when you reappear in the warehouse turn it on. Faithfully?

You can use database triggers to update the product status for you if you like

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The fn_change_order_status function (app/functions/fn.cart.php) is used to change product inventory after sale. You can use hooks in this function to check new inventory amount and make necessary actions

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Thanks for all the replies everyone, I have been working my way through the different suggestions, I like the database triggers suggestion from harmsmitsdev that might do the trick, something new to learn.

I really appreciate all the input.