Automatic Cart Recalculate Not Ready For V4.4.3?

I ran into a problem with this addon from Cart Power that ran from V4.3.2 up to V4.3.8 flawless on our site but since we upgraded to V4.4.3 even there latest release is not working.

Now I am NOT blaming anyone but I would like to be sure that I am the only one who runs into issues with their addon which by the way is FREE of CHARGE... so I should not complain.

But it is annoying for customer who might think that adding or substracting items from their cart is shows an error but will not add or substract any product BUT if you go to the checkout the products are added or substracted.

Do you make use of this particular addon or a similar addon which does not seem to work with V4.4.3 as well ? Please tell me in this thread.

Things I tried

1. deinstall the former version and uploaded and reinstalled the latest version of this addon

2. tried the developer debug option but could not find what exactly cases this problem but shutting down this addon solved it but then no auto cart recalculate

Thanks in advance

Have you solve the problem?

Have you solve the problem?

Yes we have, we required the latest version of this particular addon but later on due to issues with third party addon interaction we were required to make the switch to another auto recalculate addon.

You may, if you have similar issues do the same.