Automated Daily Ftp Export?

Hello everyone,

Hoping to get some tips or help here. We're wondering if there's an existing feature or add-on that we can set up an FTP export that executes daily without any manual work, to update stock level with a business partner.

Currently we're exporting a CSV file with the following steps

"Export data" > "Product combinations" > selecting layout template with Output Direct download > "Export" (button)

and then upload that CSV file via FTP uploader

We'd like to have this set up that happens automatically, on a daily basis, say everyday 10am & 6pm..

Does anyone know if something like this -- that can execute task within CS-Cart, already exists ?

We have a rather old version.. 4.3.8

Thanks a lot for your insights!!

I am afraid, you cannot export option combinations. But you can set up FTP export for products with Data feeds module