Automated 301 redirect feature would be hot

Automated 301 redirect feature would be hot, like the one from wordpress:


Yes please! :mrgreen:

Not just hot, steamy!

Proposal, addon. For each product one could enter a url that if requested would bring people to this item.

Would be also cool if one could import that field with products for those who are just starting with the cart (transfering from the old one).

whooo fantastic and inovative idea , imagine the .htaccess size with 5000 products in 301 to the new cart mano mano ,

4 status in the admin product listing to redirect quicly without opening each product.




301 to http://

You can vote to have this feature added in the Ideas forum:



Can somebody give me an update on this? I just realized that Google is searching for a ton of old links that I had with the old URLS. I got CS-Cart to create a custom 301 redirect list but it was lost when I upgraded from 2.0 to 3.0. I need to create a new list. I hope by now, I could just simply add them to my htaacess file but all it does it bounces all bad links to the homepage. Is there any solution that I can? I just need to be able to copy and paste a huge redirect list somewhere. Modules from $60 to $140 and I'm not sure what to do.

For V2/V3, you can use our SEO history addon which will captuer changes to SEO names and then provide future redirects. Unfortunately there is not mechanism for loading it with existing 301's.

Do note that it will not track changes to seo rules. So if you change things like “put language in url” it won't track that. Also, it won't capture category changes that are part of a path change. I.e. changing from a/b/c.html to a/d/c.html will also fail. It works on end-points only but it's great for the majority of seo name changes that a merchant might do. Link to product page is: Auto Mailer