Auto-Select Option Combination Based On Search

just curious if it's possible to have the page auto-select the option combinations, based on the searched for code…

i.e. I have a t-shirt with several sizes and several different graphics on it… each size/graphic combination has it's own code, so say I'm searching for P102XXL is there a way to have the option combination automatically select “Heart” for panel and XXL for Size?

Dear Luckdragon,

We have developed such feature for the old versions.

What Cs-Cart version do you have?

Best regards, Alt-team.

We also at your service to develop this modification. Feel free to contact us for a free quote

I have the current version… but as I said in my previous posts… I was just checking if it was possible or if it was already done somewhere… if not, not a big deal… I’ll just write it :)

Unfortunately, there is no such a feature