Auto Refresh Message Center chat for Customer, Vendor and Admin

Hi, How can I auto refresh message center (most adequately in real time or javascript refresh code) for customers, vendors and admins without purchasing any add-on.
Currently the user always have to click on refresh link to read the reply (or new replies are displayed after sending a message)
Also how to create alert sound , notificaiton or popup when ever new message is received in message center.
Also how to show notification in real time or javascript refresh code for all notificaitons to customers, vendors, admins without purchasing any add-on.


I am afraid, modification is required to do it. E.g. click on the Refresh button with javascript each 2 seconds

Or any guide to follow this documentation if it works:
Event Notifications — CS-Cart 4.17.x documentation

Also how to auto refresh notification, and how to display alert message / alert sound for notifications. There is some cs-cart documentation on the below link. I will be thankful for your guidance for using this code.
Notifications — CS-Cart 4.17.x documentation

thankyou for your reply. Please guide me where to this modification to auto refresh:

  1. customer window (Ask a question)
  2. vendor panael - Customer message center, admin message center
  3. admin panel - Vendor message center

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