Auto Populate Product Option Text Field From Url


I would be extremely grateful if someone could help me with this request!

I am making a service on my webpage where people can send me questions via an online form and then I want to be payed for that service.

I want it to work like this: When they fill out the online form they will get an email in return with a custom generated ticket number. In this email I want to create a link that opens a specific product page on my website and I want this link to automatically fill in the ticket number in a text field that I have created under this specific products option in cscart (name of the text field is “ticket”).

I have tried to google it and have tried strings like “ - This website is for sale! - mywebpage Resources and Information.” but the text field will not be auto-populated.

Creating the ticket number and to insert the ticket number generated by the other service in the URL (ticketvalue) is no problem. So how the URL looks does not bother me. However this code does not work. I simply need the bit of code that I can use in the URL to fill out the product option field called ticket.

I hope this makes sense. I have searched around and tried to figure out how to do this, but I cannot find a solution.

I would be extremely happy if someone would be able to help me.

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To simplify my request: I need to pre-fill a text field on a product page in cscart by using a URL string.

hope this makes my request clearer.

Thank you! :)

I think jQuery may provide the simplest solution. jQuery can read the URL parameters and push their value into specified form fields. You could add the necessary jQuery code to the form via the Admin form editor.

Thanks for the answer 2020! However I dont have any experience with jquery and on their webpage I’m a bit lost. tried to find the specific bit of jquery code that I need to achieve this but couldnt find it. Any suggestions? And is jquery something I need to install or is that already installed in cscart? Sorry, not an expert in this.

Also its not a form page im trying to populate, but an option field under a product page if that makes sense?

However, I did find a code that seems to be the right thing: however I am not sure where I have to put the code under “Include the javascript in your template”. anyone able to help?

Cheers! :)


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