Auto Crop Images Recommendation

I have about 3000 images all like the one attached, has anyone got a good recommendation for an automatic image cropper that will automatically crop the white background right up to the shirts, or allow a 10px padding even.




I have not tried these programs in batch mode, but some I know of:


[url=“ImBatch: AutoCrop images in a batch mode | High Motion Software”][/url]


How To Crop, Straighten and Open Multiple Scanned Photos

Note that most batch cropping tools/scripts usually rely on 1 color to help the program figure out where the cropping border resides…It tends to be a hit & miss thing…

Good luck


This might not be what you’re asking for, but you can easily do this in Photoshop. Write an action to trim the image then add like 1% canvas padding back. It will batch process an entire folder. Just make sure to work on a copy just in case of any error.

ETA : Yes, I see now Olof included Photoshop in his list. :)

Thanks for replies, I didnt realise photoshop had a batch function.

I used Imbatch, works a treat

3500 images about 1 hour


Photoshop is good but it takes too long. I use a free program called XnConvert. It will do 3500 images in minutes instead of hours.