Just wondering, why CS-Cart added both an onsite and an outside payment function for FirstData (Linkpoint) but only created an AIM payment process but has not added the SIM payment processor for outside payments like some of the other carts?

Would this not solve some of the PCI compliance issues if all payment functions offered had both options if available from the gateway to users of CS-Cart?

Thanks to anyone who responds.

This would solve A LOT of PCI compliance problems, because you’re never handing the credit card information. You would still need to meet some of the PCI compliance requirements, but not to the same extent.

Anyone working on getting Authorize.Net SIM working with CS-Cart?

I have a quote from custom development $410.

I looked at linkpoint’s outside payment and it is horrible. There is absolutely no flow between the website and the offsite payment pages that I would imagine people ditching. When I tested it, you had to go through and add address info to both the cart and to linkpoint. Not really a good solution for sales.