phasing out SIM and AIM


Email received from regarding the AIM and SIM methods:

AIM, SIM and Simple Checkout are officially deprecated in our system. These methods can still be used to process transactions via the API. However, since they are deprecated, they will not receive any new updates, including new features, payment network mandate updates, etc. This could result in penalties and fees associated with transactions that do not meet mandate/compliance requirements. Transaction processing functionality could deteriorate over time, so it is important to check if your website/software is using a more modern integration option.

We do have a great Upgrade Guide that goes over all the integration methods available. I will link that below for your convenience:

Does anyone know about a new method being implemented in CS-Cart?

Thank you.


We are aware that this payment method is no longer updated by Authorize.NET itself, but unfortunately there are no near-term plans to update its integration.

I have passed your concerns to the developers. If there will be enough requests from other CS-Cart users, there will be a higher chance that the payment method will be updated in the new versions. is one, if not the most, trusted gateway in the US. It is now own by VISA which makes it even more reliable and trustworthy.

Could you please raise your hand if you conduct business through and are interested in seeing this API rewritten to work with CS-Cart?

Thank you


I also wonder why CS-Cart would not re-develop the API and join the list of the 145 certified solutions available on website and be among Shopify, X-Cart, Magento… and more.

I would guess there’s a lot of new functionalities CS-Cart is currently developing, and they cannot track changes in every single payment method.

Also, now I’m speaking from personal experience - we have worked with multiple US-based stores and nobody asked us for changes.

An unknown magazine, Forbes… I am being sarcastic here :innocent: is listing as #1… see for yourself. 10 Best Gateways (October 2023).… Best for fraud protection we all need this these days.

Also of interest… is owned by no one else than Visa. A tiny totally un-experienced startup…

Thank you for the reply.

I’ve already mentioned this to the developers, but I’m afraid I’m not the one making the decisions :slight_smile:

We have some experience with the SIM in the past. If you do not find ready-to-use solution, feel free to contact us

Who is making the decision then?

I have been with CS-Cart for the last 5 years but I am ready to jump ship as I found the response I got quite evasive and not very responsible.

It’s one thing to offer a product… but not updating it is quite irresponsible in my opinion. You offer this gateway payment with your software and you have not been updating for… at least 5 years? So since it’s being deprecated you should updating it. It’s not like writing a new one.

As I have clearly demonstrated it’s not a small or unknown gateway. Just the #1.

A friend of mine suggested to go [***] … maybe it’s time for me to consider.
Thank you.

Most decisions are made by our Product Manager (PM). These decisions are based on many different parameters:

  • Demand from our customers
  • Difficulty of implementation
  • Tasks already in the backlog for the product
  • Overall value to our customers
    • Does it add something new or is it just another alternative to something that already exists?
    • Is it something required in a specific location or something global?
  • Feedback from different departments and customers.
  • Etc.

We in Customer Care can affect the decisions that PM makes, but as you can see, there are a lot of different things that can affect the decision that is made.

As far as I can see from the current Authorize.Net API documentation, it is nothing like the current integration we already have, so the previous integration cannot be used as a starting point to integrate a new one. The new one should be written from scratch.

The old one is still working, and the end-of-life date for this payment is not even specified by Authorize itself, so the integration of the new payment can definitely not be a top priority task at the moment.

Could you please let me know why PayPal and Stripe payments are not working for you? Your answer may significantly affect the terms of implementation of the new Authorize.Net payment method.

Please refrain from violating the Forum Rules:

Mentioning the competing software. Regardless of in what light; even if you moved to CS-Cart from another CMS, don’t post the name. Other software has its own forums where it can be discussed freely.

The message from is crystal clear: “This could result in penalties and fees associated with transactions that do not meet mandate/compliance requirements. Transaction processing functionality could deteriorate over time, so it is important to check if your website/software is using a more modern integration option.”

National Bank Card offer as a processor significantly lower rates for processing CC. Please check Instagram for their ad. I signed up with them (not a quick an easy process) and have asked them if they work with other gateway besides (which we have been using for the last twelve years). Their answer was a clear NO.

Your first parameters is: “Demand from our customers”.
Steve Jobs famously said: “Some people say give the customers what they want, but that’s not my approach. Our job is to figure out what they’re going to want before they do.”

As for: “Overall Value to our customers”: is own by Visa, yes that VISA. It is rated as the #1 gateway on Forbes magazine in October 2023, read here. Its high security and Best for fraud prevention should make it the #1 choice for anyone with a website that process CCs on a daily basis and is looking for peace of mind and sleeping at night!

Well, that’s a big reason. I will raise the priority of this task.

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Thank you very much!
I really appreciate it.

You will also be able to be listed on the website as “Certified Solutions” in their Partner Directory

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:

I really hope so :smiley:

Hello Philipp,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention and sticking by it.

We have added a new integration with to our to-do list. For now, I can only speculate on its release date—there can be all sorts of pitfalls, so I’d rather not make any promises that we won’t be able to keep.

I’d expect a new integration ship towards the end of Q1 2024, if all goes as planned. Of course we’ll try to release it sooner, if possible. But as @soft-solid correctly assumed, we do have a lot of things in the works.

Since we’ve gone into so much detail already… :sweat_smile: There are reasons why we haven’t updated sooner. You are correct that it is a rather popular payment method among CS-Cart users. And yet, we only received one or two of requests for an update in the 5 years you mentioned. And few requests about in general. Most of these requests were for us to investigate some issue or another, and maybe provide a fix (which we did).

Since the overwhelming majority of our customers seemed satisfied with the integration—and “updating” it would be akin to making a new one—it made sense to focus on something else our customer might want in the meantime :slight_smile:

Your request was the fist to mention risk of penalties and fees (even if further down the line—most payment providers just shut down non-compliant integrations), but it has raised the priority of updating

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I agree with @plh212 as we use Chase via, since it is the only integration that they offer.

We used Stripe a couple years back but ended up been frauded for 2400$ even though Radar was enabled. With Authorize, we set to not allow order if there is a mismatch in the adress, which solve our issue.

As for PayPal, we offer it to our customers, but many see it as an issue because they don’t want to deal with PayPal or think they will have to create an account with them. PayPal usually send them annoying emails after to open an account.