I’ve always been confused about the meaning of this and apparently my customers are as well. They don’t know what to do with it. I’m thinking it’s just a way for users who are already registered to log in so, there must be a better name for it.

Has anyone come up with a name that makes more sense? I changed mine to ‘Members Log In Here’

Sounds like a preference model.

VIP Customer access here sounds a bit iffy but it seems to do the job.

Customer Login sounds better however

Customer Log In. It’s the simple things that make the most sense.

[quote name=‘roban’]Customer Log In. It’s the simple things that make the most sense.[/QUOTE]

Don’t be surpised if you get asked why they have to login,

A simple quote helps me for my day to day routine.

“always remember that you’re catering for idiots”


“it’s always idiot proof till a better idiot comes along”

I use ‘My Account’.

i use

log in | log out

i like my account.

I use my account, simply because most other website do the same.

If a person recognises terms used on other sites, well… it becomes more familiar…

Not sure why CS decided on Authentication but at least we can change it