Australia Post eParcel Export for CS-Cart

Are you using eParcel to ship your orders? Our CS Cart eParcel export add-on will save you a lot of time by exporting a eParcel ready CVS file.

If you process many orders a day these will be a great time saver and pay for itself within the first month's.

Settings Include:


[]Consignment Type:

]Australia Post Account Number:

[]Contract Charge Code:

]Is a Signature Required?:

[]Return Name:

]Return Address:

[]Return Suburb:

]Return State:

[]Return Postcode:

]Return Country Code:

[]Consignee Email Address required?:

]Default Article Cubic Weight:

[*]Order Status:


Available here

Zend Optimiser required licensed to a single domain.

On customer request We update the addon and now implemented the option to choose between one consignment per order or to create one consignment per product ordered.